Delivering Advanced Routing & Scheduling for Fleets


Offering an on-demand re-optimization solution that is industry-agnostic, helping organizations cut costs and boost efficiency.


Solve your toughest optimization puzzles

Our solution optimizes fleet routes and schedules, directly contributing to lower operational costs and higher efficiency by minimizing dead miles, reducing travel time, and increasing fleet utilization. It ensures swift adaptation to schedule changes, maintaining optimal performance and superior customer satisfaction as operations scale.


Adaptive Re-optimization

  • Improves OTP - Optimizes multi-vehicle route planning and improves the accuracy of arrival time predictions
  • Reduces Travel Time - Through re-optimization capabilities and both historical & real-time traffic data integration
  • Max Efficiency - Optimize routes on specific goals such as minimum distance, lowest time, or balanced workload

Robust Computing

  • Lightning Fast: Delivers optimal decisions in seconds for complex business problems.
  • Solves Complex Problems: Handles large scenarios with 100,000+ delivery points, exceeding industry standards by 10X.



Flexible & User Friendly

  • Adaptable: Handles 50+ operational & business parameters to optimize the routes.
  • Easy Integration: Enables rapid optimization setup within a week.
  • Dedicated Support: Includes comprehensive documentation and dedicated customer support.

Intelligent Routing & Scheduling

Experience precise, adaptive routing based on real-time and historical traffic data for on-time deliveries and peak efficiency, tailored to your specific priorities and time constraints.


Experience the future of logistics planning

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